Sharing knowledge is a challenge!
Tired of siloed data, dreadful duplicates, and never ending searches? Centralize all your knowledge in Fieki to make sure absolutely nothing slip through the cracks.
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Collaboration is amplified and insights pop up instantly: the product team centralizes all research and customer feedbacks in the most visual way possible.
Feedback board view in Fieki
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All the tools you need in a single place

Knowledge is scattered in too many places: emails, chat channels, docs, tasks, etc. Information will be easily missed leading to more work, missed deadlines, and discouraged people. Fieki allows you to make products, research ideas, discuss solutions, and track your progress.

Collaborate at your own pace

We switch to chat groups hundreds of times per day with no context or connection to our primary work. Thinking one-line-at-a-time will lead to bad things. Fieki lets you communicate in full thoughts within threads so replies won't disappear in a sea of messages. Disconnect to focus on work and catch up when you’re ready.

Bigger picture at a glance

Nothing is more infuriating than not being able to find a document that you just created. Once things are nested, you can easily see where you're at, and jump between tasks, documents or discussions. And search will always find what you look for.

bookmarks-document-alternateIncrease your productivity

With our Chrome extension, don't leave what you are doing to add content to Fieki. Increase your productivity while sharing important information with your teammates and co-workers.

Start using Fieki!Currently free in early access