Tired of siloed data, dreadful duplicates, and never ending searches?

Centralize all your knowledge in Fieki to make sure absolutely nothing slips through the cracks.
All your user research and customer feedback in one place

Write down your notes, interviews, and documents in Fieki. Use our browser extension to get any note into the system in a few seconds. With tags, multi-color highlighting, Trello-like boards, and powerful search, finding patterns is effortless. Insights pop up instantly. Decisions have never been so easy to make!

Check out a demo to see how you can organize your research knowledge with Fieki.

Your research and project management together

Your research and decisions lead to tasks, and the result of tasks will lead to more research and decisions. Stay within the same app for better productivity.

Don't lose a thread of your conversations

You can have discussions on each card in Fieki. With smart notifications, you avoid being drawn into a never ending list of notifications.

Coming Soon

Data visualization: Create charts to find the most recurring complaints from your users, or the progress on features.

Integrations: Import feedbacks from Intercom, Zendesk, emails; Display your metrics directly alongside all your data wether it's your MRR from Baremetrics, or your conversion funnel from Mixpanel; Search for Fieki cards directly from Slack; And more with Zapier.

Public (and free) Tools: Another way to centralize user insights! Manage your public changelog, roadmap, and feedback form directy with Fieki.