Complete toolbox for product managers

Fieki will help you understand what users need, what to prioritize, and follow the progress.
Inbox: Get the latest insights from your product, tag them, and link them to features.
Insights Reporting: Charts for insights and see what is important for users.
Prioritization Matrix: See what ideas are important in the blink of an eye.
Burndown Chart: See if the release is on the right track.
Public Roadmap: Show your users the roadmap, and get precious feedbacks from them.
Changelog: Notify your users of the latest releases.
Imports: Import your data from CSV and JSON files.
Integrations: Automatically adds new data from Intercom, Zendesk, your emails, and more with Zapier.
Chrome Extension: Easily copy something you see interesting on the web with the extension.
Slack: Search for information directly in Slack.