An overview on note-taking apps and collaboration

Keeping track of shared knowledge within an organization is not an easy task. We probably all use note-taking apps but most of them are meant for individuals and don't have collaborative features. It gave rise to a new wave of apps but I haven't found one I really liked. Here are a few grievances.

Dropbox Paper: You can take notes and collaborate. But it's not adapted for short notes. Plus I found it pretty slow.

Airtable: Using spreadsheets to take notes is great if you want to have metadata like tags. You can organize, search, and visualize notes quickly. But Airtable has very limited text formatting capabilities.

Notion: You can do almost everything with Notion and often do it well. Docs, databases, kanban boards, etc. But I would like to have the ability to restrict search and notifications to a specific group of pages.

Realtime Board: What the products above lack are a way to annotate media assets collaboratively. Realtime Board is a great way to do it! But putting all your knowledge there would probably be impossible.

There are now many products to collaborate on notes. But it comes with a big issue: price. You have to pay at least 10$ per month and per user. And using only one app probably won't be enough. Notion comes close but not quite yet.

Nicolas Merouze
Founder of Fieki, customer success coach, and maker of Product Record.
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