Customer Success 101 for SaaS

Learn how to leverage customer success to optimize the growth of your SaaS company with this practical email course.
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Nowadays, you cannot rely only on paid acquisition. All the markets get so over-crowded the value lies into your brand and relationship with customers more than your product. Better relationships with customers lead to better lifetime value and more referrals.

The goal of customer success is to make the relationship between your company and its customers as successful as possible. It's a simple concept, but the simpler a concept is, the more complicated it is to implement. There are just so many things that you could do based on this definition.

What you'll learn?

We want to give you the most straightforward course possible. You do not have the time to read books overloaded with theory, so we will keep it short and practical. Here are the questions we will answer:

  • What are the benefits of customer success
  • How it transforms your whole organization
  • What are the common misconceptions
  • How gathering more feedback is an important factor
  • Why improving onboarding is your number one priority
  • What are the best KPIs to measure success

You will also get a lot of actionable advices that will give you quick boosts in growth.

Course Outline

The course is divided in 5 parts so you have time to digest a part before receiving a new part the next day.

1. Introduction

Discover what Customer Success means, what the benefits are, what it means for the organization and everyone in the company.

2. Customer Success Management

Managing Customer Success is not an easy as it has repercussions across the whole organization. In this part, we explore the changes needed for Customer Success to work.

3. Onboarding

Initial success occurs when customers get onboarded. But the onboarding process is complex and requires the right approach to do it right.

4. Gathering more feedback

You need to know your customers to make them happy. In order to do that we need to gather as much feedback as possible. There are a lot of simple ways to do it and we'll see the most important ones here.

5. KPIs

We can't know for sure if what we have been doing so far is working without crunching the numbers. In this part, we will take a look at the best KPIs to use to measure the success of our strategy.