fieki:product record

Your Product Management Workflow

Product Record is as flexible as spreadsheets with unique features designed for software management.
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Because you have specific rules for your software management, you don't feel comfortable using most apps and will settle down for generic tools like spreadsheets. What if you could have the power of spreadsheets with the features of a software management system? Product Record gives you that and more!

By default, Product Record comes with collections for issues and milestones. You can start using it right away and be productive in an instant.

But you can also quickly add new columns to collections. For example, you could add a time estimate to your issues in just a couple clicks. Or you could track the status of your issues by displaying a progress bar on milestones.

You don't have to make your own formulas, it's built-in! And in addition, you get the progress bar.

If your workflow is more complex, it is very easy to make new collections.

Here we have a collection with all the existing and potential features of our product. The score and effort columns allow us to know if it is worth it to build it or not.

From there, we can do several things like linking issues to features so we can track their progress. We can also add a feedback collection, start gathering feedbacks and link them to features.

The possibilities are endless and there is a lot more to come!

Logs: Any change to a record will be logged. You won't lose information ever again.

Filters and views: We are currently developing filters to show specific information from a collection and save it in a view for quick access.

Reporting: Data visualization specific to product management like priorization matrix and burndown charts.

Integrations: There is a lot that we can do with integrations. It will take time but it will be awesome!